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RESULTS ARE IN: 3GEN is the most shock-absorbing grip available!

     When Lamkin chemists began developing the new 3GEN synthetic rubber material back in 2010, their goal was clear: create the industry's most shock-absorbing material for a new line of golf grips.  The formula that was successfully developed is, in fact, the most shock aborbent golf grip ever made.

     This is a bold claim, but it's absolutely true and Lamkin has the evidence to support it!  Check out our video that compares how well the 3GEN material absorbs shock compared to standard rubbers, synthetic rubbers and even polymer compounds that claim to be "more shock absorbing".  The results are astounding!  3GEN clearly outperforms all other grip materials in dampening contact vibration.

    When the first 3GEN golf grips were launched, they almost immediately captured two of three Golf Digest Golf Medals for grips.  The 3GEN advantage is now the fastest-growing material choice among premium club manufacturers, with well over two million 3GEN grips currently in the market or in production.

     Tour players have also taken note.  The majority of Tour players currently using Lamkin grips have switched to the 3GEN material because it offers a superior feel that can't be found in any other grip material.

     The 3GEN advantage is currently offered in more than 25 grip sizes and styles.