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Is The Wrong Size Grip Hurting Your Game? Probably

Industry experts estimate that more than 85% of golfers are probably using the wrong size grip.   If you\'re using a stock grip (the grip that just so happened to come with your new clubs), then chances are really good it\'s a \"standard\" size.   Imagine buying and wearing \"standard\" size shoes.  Crazy, right?   All golfers have different sized hands and fingers, so one \"standard\" size most definitely does not fit all golfers.  Using the wrong size grip can be extremely damaging to your game.   If you\'re having trouble generating enough swing speed to hit the ball farther, or if you\'re constantly pulling and slicing the ball, check your grip size before you do anything else.  Switching to properly sized grips might very well be the easiest and cheapest way to improve your golf game.  Click here for the full story on proper grip fitting.

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