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Gary McCord Shares Golf Grip Tips in New Lamkin Videos

Golf analyst and author Gary McCord, whose irreverent and self-deprecating style has earned him fans worldwide, has recorded a four-part video series designed to help players maximize Lamkin Grips’ new Performance Plus 3GEN Wedge golf grip. The witty and knowledgeable Champions Tour player loaned his expertise to Lamkin’s online education program that breaks down wedge play into quick, easy to understand lessons. Comparing club shafts to pencils and hammers, McCord demonstrates how users gain greater control the further they choke down on whatever is in their grasp. By adding an inch to its grip length and maintaining a wider grip base, McCord shows viewers how Lamkin’s new Wedge Grip promotes a choked down grip to improve short-game play.  Throughout the video series, McCord also elaborates on concepts including hand action, swing power, grip size, as well as the differences between soft and firm grips (and when to use which).  Lamkin’s new video series featuring Gary McCord can be seen on the company’s channel at

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